Oh, hey, the first update in checks notes years. I am currently working on a project with some motion controls, if it works out I will write a post about it.

Here is a sneak peak using the Nuitrack SDK to get some live skeleton data in Unity:

Since the last update I started working at https://www.gentleforge.com/ and updated the page info accordingly. I already mentioned what I am currently working on, most of the time last year I spent helping to ship Fairyfail. The game launch could have gone better but it was a great learning experience and I am looking forward to improving with the next title.

Also some technical info about the page:

To scale the image of my face on the about me page I tinkered for a minute and got custom CSS working for the pages here, so that I can create a custom stylesheet file per page, almost like in angular. It really is just this line in the template:

{{ with .Params.customcss }}<link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ . }}" />{{ end }}

and then setting the custom css file in the header of the page/post:

customCss = "/css/aboutme.css"

The video above is working thanks to the tutorial found here about adding video support to the terminal theme for hugo. Thanks for that!

That’s it for now, until next time!