I like to build things, this page is a collection of some of the things I helped to build.

I really like the practical aspect of building (virtual) things: writing code, creating prototypes, my fascination there is about testing and failing with new ideas. But since I always worked in small teams that require a large amount of self-organization I am used to spending just as much as time with the theoretical side of it: working on game design and technical architectures, figuring out how to make something that is fun to interact with.



Since January 2021 I have been working at Gentleforge where I worked on programming and game design for Fairyfail until we shipped the game in July and for the ‘Bewitched’ Update in October.

The Side Effects Of Life In Space

I have been working with a small team on a very long-term project with the catchy title “The Side Effects of Life in Space”. //TODO add some preview content or link to it

Jam Games

Mildy Entertaining Games

Most of my game jam games can be found at the mildlyentertaining.games website.

Was War Es Einmal (2021)

Was War Es Einmal (Play Store/Android) | Was War Es Einmal (itch.io/PC)

Doom, Death and Destruction Tycoon

Doom, Death and Destruction Tycoon (itch.io)

Front-End Development

I worked on several web and mobile projects, mostly using Angular. //TODO add some examples here :)

Escape Rooms

I helped design and build an Escape Room in Düsseldorf under the name “Portalstation” from 2018-2020. I worked on a bit of Microcontroller Programming there as well while designing and building interactive puzzles using various sensor inputs.