The important ones can be found at If you are looking for game design or development work for game projects contact me on social media or write an email to

Escape Rooms

I co-created an escape room that we ran for a while and then sold. You can still look up player reviews if you are interested in what people had to say about it: Portalstation Reviews It’s currently in storage and due to be built up in a new location later. For that game (Safecracker) I co-designed the game narrative and mechanics. The game featured a bunch of custom built boards with MCUs (Arduinos and ESPs) and sensors that I wrote the code for. It also featured a mock audio-diary that I built in Unity, just like the software prototype we ran the escape room with. It included RTSP for AV features and was initally based on the idea of using Modbus for interacting with digital components but later changed to MQTT. The components also ran their own webservers to be controllable standalone. If you are looking for help designing or improving upon existing escape rooms, contact me on social media or write an email to

Front-End Development

I have worked as a front-end developer with Angular/Typescript for Web and also Nativescript for Mobile platforms for one year. Before that I did a couple of uni projects that included a focus on front-end development, mostly in Unity.